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Closing Crew

Closing Crew-thumb-300Closing Crew by David R. Michael


Strange things happen when Dillon opens doors. A cold, lifeless universe waits in the bathroom. A hideous creature that looks nothing like a puppy lurks in his closet. He doesn’t remember what was in his toy box, but he still has nightmares.

In his job as night manager at the Buffalo Burger Pit Dillon has found a use for his special gift: hazing the new hires. Like when he offers them a free vanilla shake. Or opens the door of the big freezer for them to see inside.

Soledad has been able to read minds since life hit her with the puberty stick. Not Dillon’s mind, which is probably why they’re still friends. She’s always thought his trick with the vanilla shakes was stupid. She never imagined how stupid.

Published by Four Crows Landing.

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