David MichaelThat’s me on the left, though without the glasses I usually wear. Any given year, I might or might not have a beard, depending on how much I hate shaving. But otherwise, yeah, that’s me. My wife took the picture. Because my arms aren’t that long.

As you might have noticed, I like writing stories about women and girls. I like handing them guns and magic and just plain, raw power and letting them run loose in my stories.

This penchant can be traced back to my pen-and-paper RPG days, building female characters and having fun with them, but it really kicked into gear with the birth of my second child, a girl. Harry Potter was getting huge then, and I decided I wanted her to have some stories of her own. Some, like the Girls of Spring Hollow series, were written specifically for her. Others, like Gunwitch: A Tale of the King’s Coven and Closing Crew, I wrote for me, but with the understanding she could read them when she was old enough.

There are men and boys in my stories too, of course, and, really, I hope anyone can enjoy my stories. But, yeah, I like writing stories where women and girls get to save the day.

Author Bio

Most days, David R. Michael (AKA, “me”) is a software developer and a writer. Some days, he’s a writer and a software developer. Other days, he’s an amateur photographer, and there are still other days when he fancies himself a cook. Because, really, who is the same person every day?

David is the designer and developer of The Journal, personal journaling software for Windows. He has also designed and developed video games, and has written two nonfiction books and numerous articles about video game development.

David lives with his wife, kids and cats in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Writers Who Have Influenced Me

Here are the writers who have had the most influence on me (for good or ill) as a writer and just in general, in no particular order:

Neil Gaiman, Andrew Vachss, Robert Heinlein, Orson Scott Card, Stephen R. Donaldson, J. R. R. Tolkien, Douglas Adams, Stephen King, Ayn Rand, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, C. S. Lewis, Arthur C. Clarke, John Steakley, Louis L’Amour, Frank Herbert, Ray Bradbury, J. K. Rowling, Christopher Moore, David Gerrold