Category: Short Stories

“The Perfect Hiding Place”

"The Perfect Hiding Place"“The Perfect Hiding Place” by David Michael

Short Story (5500 words)

The house next door has been sold and the new neighbors are moving in. Do you think they’re religious? They seem to have a lot of kids. Do you think they’re hiding something? They look ethnic. Do you think they might be worth robbing? No, obviously, they can’t be *monkeys*…

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“A Fine Mess”

"A Fine Mess"“A Fine Mess” by David Michael

Short Story (2300 words)

Kenneth is the best gatherer among the survivors. Only a few can gather Strings, the floating, Frayed remnants of what was once the edible vegetation of the world. Which is why there are a lot fewer people now than Kenneth remembers when he was younger. He might be only ten, but even Kenneth knows that if you can’t catch Strings, you can’t eat. And if you can’t eat, you starve and you die…

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“Curtain Call”

"Curtain Call"“Curtain Call” by David Michael

Short Story (2200 words)

The White Hot Hemisphere Community Theater Company chose Shakespeare’s Hamlet for their first production after the cataclysm–and possibly their last before the end of the world. As a tragedy, as a play about loss and descent into madness, Hamlet seemed an appropriate choice, at least to those players who could still make nonliteral inferences…

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"Baptism"“Baptism” by David Michael

Short Story (6000 words)

Drunk on mojitos, high on love, and smelling of sex just consummated on the beach, Myra Acevedo went swimming for the last time. When she came out of the clear water of the Yucatan peninsula, she was no longer just Myra. She had become the end of the world. (My version of the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse.)

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